Manufacture traction motors of DTRN for mining contact electric locomotives weighing 4,7,10,14 tons, explosion-proof series of DRTV for mine accumulator locomotives weighing 4,5,7,8 tons. Traction motors DTRN and DRTV are a new development company. They are distinguished by an increased resource of operation and reliability in the use of mine locomotive. Traction motors DTRN available capacity from 12kW to 50kW, explosion-proof DRTV from 6kW to 24kW. All the details are on the website http://hzem.biz Produce explosion-proof traction motors DRTV for mine accumulator locomotives. DRTV explosion-proof motors have a longer service life in comparison with analogues are a new development of our production. The use of explosion-proof motors DRTV allows you to increase the inter-repair period of their and of the locomotive as a whole. All the details are on the website http://hzem.biz/vzryvozashchishchennyye-elektrodvigateli-dlya- We produce components and spare parts for traction mining motors DTRN and DRTV. Manufactured components-anchors, manifold, coil main and additional poles, brush-collector node. Spare parts are standardized and suitable for the repair of our analogues motors doctor of engineering and a Jack Russell Terrier. Accessories-anchors, manifold, coil poles, brush-collector node produced from brand new certified materials and will allow Your traction electric motors to give a second life. Guarantee for spare parts is from 6 to 12 months. All the details are on the website http://hzem.biz

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Permanent residence In Europe
Permanent residence In Europe

Perhaps You have thought about how cool it would be to move to another country? Where respect for human rights, where a decent standard of living, social protection, open society, warm climate, good wages. And most importantly, where you can not worry about the future of their children, where they receive free education of the European standard. You may even chose the country and plan to move there. Maybe You don't afraid of difficulties, and You can't decide.... The proposed design of the residence permit in Europe, countries Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland. You receive a residence permit in Europe officially and legally. We can not only collect documents, but also resolve all the nuances, knowledge of which will help quickly and without problems to obtain official permission to stay in the country. We will help You find a job even in the first week of life in the country to register in the social.the service of the country of arrival so You can immediately start earning a living. We carefully help each client to go this way from the very first steps to full adaptation in a new country. Our advantages: the ability to freely live and work in the EU. The passport of the citizen of a member country of the European Union and the Schengen agreement. Personal identity card (ID-card) of a citizen of a member country of the European Union and the Schengen agreement. All the rights and freedoms of the citizen of European Union countries. The possibility of registration of residence permit, citizenship of family members, including minor children. The deadline to 1месяца. Knowledge of the language in the host country - is not required. You personally running one of our staff and will escort You to the execution of all agreements. The renunciation of a previous citizenship is not required. OFFICIALLY AND WITHOUT DEPORTATION !!!!!! A full range of assistance to CIS citizens and foreigners. And - Visa (Schengen Visa); - A residence permit Europe; - Assistance in difficult situations; Visas for CIS citizens and foreigners. You only need the passport. Write or call us to get more information about Your chosen country and how to make it their second home! +77028077402 W/A, Viber, Imo mizantrop_76@mail.ru

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