Hatching eggs from leading manufacturers in the Czech Republic.
Hatching eggs from leading manufacturers in the Czech Republic.

Hatching eggs from leading manufacturers of the Czech Republic, France, Slovenia, Hungary, Canada and Russia. Cobb 500 Czech Republic-Slovakia 25-26 box 360 eggs all year round Ross 308 Czech Republic-Slovakia 25-26 box 360 eggs all year round Hybrid Convector Canada 126 rubles from the box with 200яиц Feb 2020 grid Maker 125 RUB box Feb 2020 Bronze 128 RUB box Feb 2020 broiler color Rebro ,gelosea 33руб box 360 eggs Feb 2020 IN MOSCOW AND THE MOSCOW REGION WORKS AS A COURIER SENDING ALL OVER RUSSIA Cross Cobb 500 can be kept on small farms and in large farms. One of the differences of the cross — uniformity. That is, all the livestock after reaching a certain age is about the same weight. Already in a month weight Chicks crosses over 2kg, and a half birds weigh on average 2500-2600, and 56 days, the mass of birds over 3 kg. The TOTAL for BROILERS When growing birds in terms of farms should be taken into account that the Chicks in the first days of life requires intense heat and light. To invigorate weight gain chickens need to frequently peck at the food in the dark is impossible, so the 14 days, the lighting should be around the clock. After this period of "daylight" is reduced to 18 hours. The temperature in the house should be in the range of 27-32 degrees. The room should be well ventilated, but without draughts, which are fatal for Chicks. Special attention should be paid to the cleanliness of premises to prevent the incidence of chicken, so before settling to a new batch of youngsters should carry out a General cleaning of the house, paint the walls and ceiling with lime, changing the litter and thoroughly washed the feeders and waterers. However, at the age of 80 days the growth rate is significantly reduced, so the most favorable period for slaughtering chickens of this cross is around 40-60 days, while the slaughter of calves can be produced within 30 days from the moment of birth.

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