Glasses brands at affordable prices in "Optic Actnic brands". Great choice!
Glasses brands at affordable prices in "Optic Actnic brands". Great choice!

Come to "Optics Actnic brands" (Kyiv), and choose what will suit You! We can offer You: sunglasses for children and adults glasses for drivers glasses for the computer - reading glasses glasses-simulators Fedorov. Kids sunglasses that provide 100% protection of Your child's eyes from ultraviolet radiation and environmental pollution. We offer polarized kids sunglasses with protection from the sun's glare manufacturers such as: KoolKids, Graffito Polarized, HELLO KITTY, Disney. All glasses are suitable for children from 2.5 to 7+ years. You will be able to choose sunglasses from famous brands – GUESS, Viewpoint, Sunderson, Best, Mario Rossi, Benetton, SKECHERS, Ray-Ban, PROVISION, Polaroid, RICO MIRADO, GF FERRE, BOGUANG, GANT. It's stylish design and reliable protection from UV rays! There is a choice of ready reading glasses with different diopters. And computer glasses. Anti-glare coating will provide comfort when working at the computer, while watching TV, and will reduce the feeling of tired eyes. Here You will be able to find glasses for driving a car "Antivari" without diopters. It is a reliable protection on the road in any weather. Thanks lens Blue Blocker You will see a clear and contrast image, no optical interference and glare of headlights. Take care about Your driving safety with us! To improve the strength of the eye muscles, to increase the visual resource, we can offer You glasses simulators, which are designed Fedorov, Yu.

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Pattern-Express Products for children
Pattern-Express Products for children here You will find everything to fill a sensory experience as children and adults. We produce and sell high-quality eco-products for sensory integration at affordable prices. On our site You can always buy: sets cerebellar stimulation LBK BALAMETRICS with a methodical recommendations in Russian (printed and on disk); - sensory and dynamic space: from Home to the Expert; - a room of psychological unloading - megalocornea Board-mazes: sets and by the piece (hand, foot). - balancers, the balancer-mazes; - weighted products, sensory balls and balls, touch stockings, and a lot of useful information – manuals, recommendations. But if You work in a school, kindergarten, educational center or are a private specialist for Your company are always the best offer and wholesale prices. In addition to the sale of simulators, we set in institutions multisensory environment "Pattern+" on a turn-key (professional design together neuroscientists, repair supervision, delivery and installation of a sensory room (the room of psychological unloading) + installation of touch-hall dynamic + guidelines for use). We work with kindergartens, schools, educational centers, institutions, etc. If suddenly You haven't found something, surely it is we have here, here will be available -just contact me, buy it first and get it at a good discount as first customer. We deliver all over Russia, CIS and the middle abroad. Want to know more? Call us! Write! Email: M. T.: +7-981-884-50-90 WhatsApp: +7-981-884-50-90 We in Vkontakte: Website: Sincerely, Anastasia Danilova Director of development The goods for development of children and adults. M. T.: +7-981-884-50-90 WhatsApp: +7-981-884-50-90 We in Vkontakte:

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