Manufacturing of products for health and beauty
Manufacturing of products for health and beauty

Offer services for the manufacture of products for health and beauty Pillow-cushion system health Katsudzo Niche Katsudzo Niche - a prominent Japanese scientist and healer. Its health system is known worldwide. He believed that to cure a person can only be himself, if you want to. Cushion is used for the prevention of osteochondrosis, pain in the cervical spine, headaches, improve blood circulation brain resolves the problems with the septum, eliminating the snoring cure of scoliosis, improve the work of cardiovascular system, chronic fatigue, lordosis, vertebral subluxations are removed. All sizes for both adults and children. Orthopedic corrector spine Traction of the spine, otherwise known as traction, a method invented in ancient times. A simple and effective way of dealing with various pathologies of the spine. Recommended for: osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia, scoliosis or kyphosis, lordosis, acute sciatica, the pathology of the ODE. The bridge for the back The simulator is widely applicable in sport, fitness, yoga, qi-mode, etc. directly after a workout or physical activity, work. Positive effect : the unloading and stretching of the thoracic and lumbar spine, high-quality repair itself after strenuous exercise, elimination of curvatures of the spine and acquire beautiful posture, weight loss, increased potency, strengthening gluteal muscles, abdominal muscles, hips and shoulder girdle Chair simulator Throne health - relieves back pain, posture corrector. This is a unique, revolutionary means of preventing spine For a short period of time you will be able to get rid of back pain. Seat cause a state of unstable equilibrium, comparable with the therapeutic horse riding and swimming. The Board with nails is a unique ancient tool for health of body and soul, providing an extraordinarily powerful therapeutic effect on the entire body. Stop is a highly reflex area connected to all internal organs. Train the heart muscle, strengthen the nervous system, increased blood flow, anti-inflammatory functions. Bonus weight management, reducing time to sleep, positive emotional reboot. Products made from environmentally friendly materials, and the coating and impregnation materials is discussed taking into account the location and conditions of use of its products. Adhered to the Golden proportions of the Golden section and the dimensions of Feng Shui . Are charged with positive energy. All products my ads. Consultation. Dispatch. Delivery in Moldova and Ukraine.

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