Comprehensive and Partial Repair of Apartments

Comprehensive and Partial Repair of Apartments

100 RUB

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The place of provision of services

Russia, Vladimir


Working with us You will get.

High quality, honesty, goodwill, fixed prices, free quotes.
All work is done according to GOST and SNiP, payment in stages, contract, guarantee, consultation, garbage disposal, view of apartments.

We work as one, and all. It all depends on volume. Prices are reasonable, lower than that of firms, respectively, and you save.
• neat and quality work
• meeting deadlines, cleanliness and order
• no additional costs
• preparation of detailed estimates
• expert advice
• you will be satisfied with our work

• plaster walls, painting, caulking, wallpapering
• fillets, mouldings, moldings
• drywall, walls, boxes, ceilings
• screed, self-leveling floors, super floor knauf, linoleum flooring, laying laminate, parquet Board
• laying tile, laying granite tile (tiler high-level)
• install plumbing (a professional plumber)
• the whole complex of electrical work (an electrician with all the permits)
• repair of apartments in new buildings/secondary, repair of rooms, repair of entrance hall, kitchen renovation, repair Studio, repair corridor
demontigny work, taking out the trash.