Financial instruments. Funding. SWIFT.

Financial instruments. Funding. SWIFT.

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The place of provision of services

Hungary, Budapest


Letters of credit.
Bank guarantee.
Trade and Investment financing.
Will help you in obtaining a loan.
Placing telecommunications (SWIFT) messages.
From a number of TOP foreign banks and non-Bank financial institutions.
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The company is one of the leading business groups in the field of trade Finance for importers/exporters and other borrowers.

We specializiruetsya on short-term financing transactions for importers/exporters and other borrowers of short-term and medium-term investment financing.

To implement these objectives are actively used financial instruments.

Instruments such as documentary letters of credit, standby letters of credit, Bank guarantees etc. have become an integral part of the range of our group services.

The company provides services to trade and investment financing by issuing for customers of financial tools (LC, DLC, SBLC, LG, BG, APG, POF, POA, POP, PB, BCL, CD, SKR) to supply contracts from a number of TOP foreign banks and non-Bank financial institutions, is widely used in international practice.

We do not issue credits, I can only assist in obtaining a loan.

We provide services in assisting the client in receiving the loan provide financial instrument in that case, if a financial instrument a customer ordered from us.

Assist in placing various types of telecommunications (SWIFT) messages from a number of foreign banks and non-Bank financial institutions.

The company offers a full range of services in the field of international trade and foreign trade operations in the CIS, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries of the world.

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