Bone meal

Bone meal

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We offer natural organic fertilizer and bone meal in the spring of the year 2020!

Price of 4.00 rubles per 1 kg

Bone meal is a source of phosphorus and magnesium, but contains no nitrogen. For this reason, the fertilizer can be safely added to soil without fear of excess nitrogen in the soil.

Flour contains 15% phosphorus in the compound calcium phosphate.
As a fertilizer powder to make the soil once a year, in spring, when deep digging.

You can make flour in the hole under the seedlings. On the bottom of the pit poured a little powder and mix it with soil. Put the seedlings on top and sprinkle everything with soil.

Also, this product is used for deoxidation of the soil, as after heat treatment of the bone calcium is the primary component of the final product.

Instead of ash or lime in the soil, you can add the same quantity of bone meal.

Hurry up to purchase for planting season and Your plants will say THANK you!

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