Outside the umbrella 3x3 m telescopic

Outside the umbrella 3x3 m telescopic

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Russia, Krasnodar


To protect from direct sunlight and the weather in the open air cafes and restaurants well-suited parasol. It needs to be folded quickly, easily brought into the working position. The surface must be resistant to moisture and does not fade.
We have provided beach umbrellas, foldable, and have a number of advantages in stretch tents:
quickly turn around and develop;
leave enough space for the accommodation of visitors;
doesn't require much effort, this umbrella can deploy one person;
are inexpensive; mobile, do not require the installation of hard steel structures for normal operation
In the Krasnodar region in the resort cities have high demand times such as umbrellas, which are widely used in restaurants and cafes on the waterfront and in hotels, sanatoria and hotels.
The design is simple and reliable, has a high degree of wear protection and mechanical damage.
The model consists of:
steel frame (76 mm pipe);
steel spokes;
"stars" made of steel;
tent made of polyester with special waterproof impregnation, resistant to the direct rays of the sun;
stands, whose frame is made of profile, held in position by four concrete slabs
This umbrella folding beach does not have working parts made of plastic. The ends of the metal details are protected by special plugs. It has a metal surface coated with a polymer, which guarantees its parts for a long life. The dome is well-formed, it goes up to 1.15 meters. The spokes of the umbrella does not fall below than up to 1.7 meters from the ground.
In the operating position of such a beach umbrella is provided with a knob with detents to prevent unintentional closure. It is able to withstand gusts of wind up to 10 meters per second.