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Produced controllers KSS-304АС,KSS-305АС to control traction motor DTRN. Controllers KSS-304АС, KSS-305АС this is a new development of our company and has found its application in mining contact electric locomotives weighing 4,7,10,14 tons. The controllers are reliable when used in the composition of electric contact. Details on
Produce blocks of resistors BRS-1АС performances U5 or T5. Resistor units used in the mine contact electric locomotives.
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We produce components and spare parts for controllers KSS-304АС, KSS-305АС to control traction mining motors DTRN and DRTV. Produce the following accessories:
1. Element Cam KSS 687006;
2. Camera arc KSS 740014;
3. The angular contact KSS 551020;
4. Finger contact KSS 168010, and others;
Spare parts are standardized and suitable for the repair of our analogues controller KS-303 KS-304 KS-305. Components - item Cam KSS 687006, the camera arcing 740014 KSS, the KSS 551020 angular contact, finger contact KSS 168010, and others are manufactured from certified materials and have versatility. This allows Your controllers to quickly carry out repairs. Guarantee for spare parts is from 6 to 12 months.
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