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Manufacture traction motors of DTRN for mining contact electric locomotives weighing 4,7,10,14 tons, explosion-proof series of DRTV for mine accumulator locomotives weighing 4,5,7,8 tons.
Traction motors DTRN and DRTV are a new development company. They are distinguished by an increased resource of operation and reliability in the use of mine locomotive.
Traction motors DTRN available capacity from 12kW to 50kW, explosion-proof DRTV from 6kW to 24kW.
All the details are on the website http://hzem.biz

Produce explosion-proof traction motors DRTV for mine accumulator locomotives. DRTV explosion-proof motors have a longer service life in comparison with analogues are a new development of our production. The use of explosion-proof motors DRTV allows you to increase the inter-repair period of their and of the locomotive as a whole.
All the details are on the website http://hzem.biz/vzryvozashchishchennyye-elektrodvigateli-dlya-

We produce components and spare parts for traction mining motors DTRN and DRTV. Manufactured components-anchors, manifold, coil main and additional poles, brush-collector node. Spare parts are standardized and suitable for the repair of our analogues motors doctor of engineering and a Jack Russell Terrier. Accessories-anchors, manifold, coil poles, brush-collector node produced from brand new certified materials and will allow Your traction electric motors to give a second life. Guarantee for spare parts is from 6 to 12 months.
All the details are on the website http://hzem.biz