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Brake pads are one of the most important parts of the locomotive AM-8D. The use of the brake rod allows you to ensure the safety of personnel. To increase wear resistance of brake pads made by casting of casting of high quality cast iron. Pads are made according to GOST 1412-85 and tested after manufacture.
Hitch W-70 used to connect the mine car of the type VG in the shaft train. The coupling allows the reorganization of the mine train, offloaded one trolley VG method of tipping. This allows to facilitate and accelerate the work persoonal.
The kit coupler W-70 comes with a hook, traverse and link.
Offer springs to the mine locomotive AM-8D. Springs AM-8D 10.00.01 and AM 8D 10.00.02 used in the suspension system of the locomotive. Spring AM-8D 10.00.03 is a buffer. Our springs ensure long and trouble-free operation of the locomotive AM-8D.We produce springs for mining equipment according to customer's drawings or sample.