Repair of forging equipment

Repair of forging equipment

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The place of provision of services

Russia, Moscow region, Naro-Fominsk borough, Aprelevka


In our enterprise, established Repair service, which uses the experience of the world's major manufacturers in the modernization of forging equipment. The main types of work – repair of presses, repair hammers, modernization forging equipment, we have fulfilled, first and foremost, in our company.
Repair production has a unique technology for the modernization of forging and stamping production.
OOO "Remtekhmash" is one of the largest enterprises engaged in a full range of services on repair of presses, repair hammers, modernization, automation, integration, and maintenance of forging equipment and spare parts supply (spare parts for press and other equipment). The company has unique competencies in modernization forging equipment in Russia, carries out export deliveries of spare parts and equipment, provides engineering services in foreign countries. The company has a large staff of highly qualified professionals. Our company can install equipment from leading manufacturers: Bosch Rexroth for hydraulics systems, Camozzi, Herion, and for Pneumatics systems, for lubrication systems – DeLimon.
We are ready to act as system integrator technical process on the instructions of the Customer, that is, with a mission to release a new product that will do the following: pick and develop the best optimal process design and manufacture a tool with the greatest possible durability, will select the equipment in the most cost-effective combination of new and recovered, develop the layout of the line will select the optimal production process, programs of production automation and mechanization, will accompany the receipt and approval by customer trial and commercial batch of forgings, if necessary, help with certification. In addition, we offer presses and hammers used for forging production. Our company is ready to long-term programs of technical support for equipment and process technology.
Principal works:
overhaul and modernization of mechanical presses;
overhaul and modernization of the hammers;
supply b/y forging equipment (press b/a, the hammer b/y);
integration and automation of the forging lines;
large machining;
manufacturing and supply of spare parts (spare parts for presses, etc.).
Our advantages:
lower the cost of the work;
unlike its competitors, the organization of production "turnkey";
development of technology of production of die tooling, conducting engineering the whole technological process;
supply integrated forging lines, not only of the presses and hammers, but also induction heaters, furnaces for heat treatment and means of mechanization;
the possibility of mounting with commissioning and connection