Radio baofeng uv5r Original 8 Wat new

Radio baofeng uv5r Original 8 Wat new

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Belarus, Minsk


Portable radio Baofeng UV-5R, with a transmitter power of 5 and 8 watts is perhaps one of the most popular and affordable models on the market, Amateur radio, due to its low cost and good quality and technical characteristics. The radio is made in the classic for this segment of the style, with good ergonomics and low weight. Frequency range and functionality of the radio allows you to set it to any range of frequencies of VHF (136-174 MHz) and UHF (400-520 MHz). Radio Baofeng UV-5R has an amplified transmitter power is 8 watts, the Radio is equipped with Li-ion battery capacity of 1800 mAh, which,if desired, can be replaced by more capacious with a capacity of 3800 mAh.

Features of the model:

Easy to ispolzovaniya komplektatsionnaya with accessories kenwood


Frequency range: 400-520 / 136-174 Gtmodest: 8 Itemcost battery: 1800 maciliunaite: ІР56Напряжение power: 7.4 Among channels: 128Скремблер: accustically: 0.16 mquser the grid frequency: 5 khzwes radio with battery: 200 Grasmere: 95x58x32 mm

Package contents:

Radio;battery Li-ion 1800мА-h;Antenna;charger
;Headset (optional);Clip fastening for the belt;Lace to wear;manual eng. language.

Menu and manual:

188 – the Current channel or the frequency, or название75/25 – substep frequency, if you set the step to 6.25 CT – mode ’CTCSS'DCS – Activated ‘DCS’+- — Shift plus or minus when working through repeater – Activated scan function between two каналамиVOX — Activated voice control function PTTR – Activated РеверсаN – Selected narrow frequency modulation