Harrow rotary MRN-6

Harrow rotary MRN-6

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The place of inspection

Ukraine, Dnieper, Donetsk highway


Harrow rotary MRN-6 is solid timber frame with working wheels and protection. State compensation 25-40% . In-house production. Guarantee. Delivery in Ukraine is free. Any form of payment. Payment upon delivery to the farm. Harrow has a reinforced timber frame – 140х140 mm wall thickness 8 mm. Reinforced front section ( 40х40х5 ) , the increased thickness of the pendulum is 16 mm, the increased spacing of the impellers to 230 mm. Installed, the vertical spring section with a long interval adjustment of the spring force using the screw. The hub of the impeller section is closed by a cap on the thread. Height under the frame 650 mm is used for the surface cultivation of the soil ( destruction of superficial crust on the soil), soil saturation with oxygen, mulching the soil to conserve moisture in the soil, pre-emergence and post-emergence weeding of crops (cereals, row crops, technical) , the destruction of filamentous germination of the weeds to solid and inter-row cultivation of crops, incorporation of manure into soil after spreading.
Specifications harrows hoes rotary:
Aggregation method – hinged
Working speed km/h 10-15
Working width, m 6 Performance, ha/h 12.5
Depth, cm 2-5
The number of sections, PCs 27
Impeller diameter , mm 530
The number of working fingers on the wheel piece 16
The bearing in the wheel hub bearing 30204 taper roller , 2 PCs
The bearing in the pendulum 60204 , 3 PCs
Is aggregated with tractors of class 1,4
Personnel, man: 1 (tractor).