The development of the site

The development of the site

   9000 RUB

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Beautiful, stylish, concise selling websites is the dream of every business owner.

In order to make their dreams come true required most a little – to find a competent designer.
You came to the right place.
Now we have to write to us. The rest will be taken care of by professionals.
Design Landing page - from 9 000 rubles.
Design of web site - from 25 000 rubles.
Deadline - 7 days
• Statement of the problem
• Advance payment of 50%
• Design
• Approval of work
• The final payment
• Transfer the source files

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• Work with legal. and Def. persons under the contract.
• We work on an advance payment, final payment upon completion of works

For all inquiries please contact by phone +7 (495) 175-46-56 or e-mail. mail