Travel Agency ANEX Tour Ukraine

Travel Agency ANEX Tour Ukraine

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03022, Kyiv, Vasylkivska str 32, metro Vasilkovskaya str., entrance from the front.


The company ANEX Tour working in tourism for over twenty years. During this time the company has opened more than 150 offices in Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Thailand, and Vietnam and other countries. Thanks to the cohesive team of professionals and love their work, today Anex Tour is considered one of the best tour operators in Ukraine. Annually, the company's services are used by about 2.5 million tourists.

In the Ukrainian tourism sector, the tour operator ANEX Tour has been operating since 2005 year. Services annually has more than a million Ukrainians, approximately 40% of tourism in Ukraine.

Tour operator ANEX Tour is constantly improving the quality of their product, leaving it available for travelers. Tourists company can count on high quality services, excellent service, and reasonable prices.

Our experts are well suited to recreation of any type. Couples company recommends the best hotels with many perks. Group travel will be arranged in such a way as to please every member of the group, and individual tours thought out so that the tourist eventually left satisfied at 100%. What can I say. The best tour operator does not allow himself to lower the bar.