Trainer acupuncture. Yoga. Sport. Martial Arts.

Trainer acupuncture. Yoga. Sport. Martial Arts.

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Boards Sadhu is a powerful equipment used by the yogis in spiritual practices, come to us from India. First Indian ascetics mentioned in the first and the most ancient monument of literature - rig Veda (1700 - 1100 BCE)
Benefit from the practice of standing and lying on nails
• Improves health and immunity by acting on reflex points of the feet or the back, stimulating and balancing the General condition of internal organs and the organism as a whole. A reasonable explanation will give any reflexologist. In modern medicine uses a variety of applicators (Kuznetsova, Lyapko), which are a shadow of the boards with nails.
• Relieves stress, fatigue, psycho-emotional excitation.
• Restores power after special training (provided by significant relaxation and reflex effect), is used in some schools of martial arts.
• Trains the will, the ability to control their feelings and emotions.
• Gives a very powerful burst of energy instantly (in yoga this is called the accumulation of energy of tapas or energy merit). It is a very fertile energy. Many asanas can be performed on the nails.
• Clears the mind (the development of concentration and "switching off" pain from external factors).
• Embodies the intention of practising in material life (practice Sankalpa,
psychology ). Increases the efficiency of work with affirmations, prayers and useful self-hypnosis for the mind.
• As with any other austerity works for burning of bad karma. In other words, performs penance, You take away from your life troubles and troubles that put You on the karma.
• Added bonus weight management, reducing the required time for sleep and recovery, increase efficiency.
Read on the Internet about these practices, there is a lot of information.
Board can be used in parallel with other practices or as a standalone simulator.
This model of full-length boards Sadhu will beautify any space of the Studio, hall, or home interior.
The work surface 32 x 32 cm, step nails standard 1 x 1 cm, 1056 nails. Other boards my ads with a reduced step nail for sensitive people of 0.75 cm, for experienced practitioners of 1.5 cm, universal for the back and feet to stop.
Help your body and it will serve you for life.
All hand made, high quality, reliable and beautiful.