Acupuncture applicator back

Acupuncture applicator back

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Lying on a bed of nails is a powerful multifunctional practice providing extremely powerful therapeutic effects on the entire body. Strengthen and develop the mind and body of the practitioner.
The effect of Board Sadhu lying surface: healing of the body due to the impact on the active points of the back, increases blood circulation, improves nutrition of all body systems, restores after stress, a surge of energy, removing blocks and clamps in the back. accelerates cell regeneration, stimulates the metabolism. Strengthens the heart and blood vessels, helps to normalize blood pressure. Often it is lying on the back, rarely on my stomach and side. Gives excellent results in diseases associated with disruption of the spine: degenerative disc disease, various ligament injuries, sciatica, improves nutrition of intervertebral discs. The benefit of these boards read on the Internet, there is a lot of information. Ideal to practice in the evening, before sleep, for rapid relaxation and improve sleep quality.
Start with the real time for you, gradually increase the time. Relax, calm, breathe deeply, try not to think. Deep relaxation for 15 minutes, comparable to a two hour massage from a professional masseur. A Board with nails - a personal masseur at your home.
Working surface of the Board 33,5 x 70 cm recess for the spine 5 cm step nails 2 x 4 cm, 538 nails.
The second Board is universal for the back and feet with a step of 1 x 1 cm, 1240 nails - 2000 lei
Helps both patients and healthy people who care about their health. Help your body and it will serve you for life.
All hand made, high quality, reliable and beautiful.
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