Dogs, Spitz, Pomeranian - mini bear. Little cubs.

Dogs, Spitz, Pomeranian - mini bear. Little cubs.

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Breed: Spitz
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Pomeranian - mini bear. Little cubs.
Will be 1.5-2.5 kg, about 18-22 cm at the withers adult.
There are bigger puppies and breeding.
Small and miniature - like toy in the car. Exhibition parents. Vaccinated , accustomed to the diaper and the tray. No defects. In the bearish type. Short wide muzzle and thick padded feet, correct coat structure, square body, very elegant and compact.
A complete set of documents, pedigree on request. Teeth normal, correct bite.
More information, photos and videos on the phone on viber or the other can't.
All possible assistance in farming.
Chip, mark, veterinary certificate.
The contract of sale.
Delivery is possible. Have to travel abroad.
Prices of puppies are different - please call.