Buy automats,allow,contactors,rela,frequency converters,limit switches

Buy automats,allow,contactors,rela,frequency converters,limit switches

500 000 руб.

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Россия, Москва


Constantly buy from organizations and individuals h surplus stock ,inventory ,reserve ,TMC ,TMR ,TDS ,NVL ,any form of payment.

Hydraulics - valves - VE 6 ,ВЕ10 ,VE 43 ,ВЕХ16 , RC 06, RC 10,RC 20 ,P203 ,Р323 , Р503 schema any and Vikers ,Rexrot .
The pumps of G12 , BG12 , Nplr (any CAN be USED) ,NPL(any) G12-(53,54,55, you can b/u),BG12-41,42, G11-11,G11-22, G11-23 ,G11-24 And G11-25 ,БГ11-(11,22,23,24,25,) ВГ11-(11,22,23,24,25), the MYFF (160,250,400,600,1000),PEOPLE ,OVER ,NARF ,50НР ,50NS ,Н400 ,Н401,Н403.
Valve ДКМ6/3, DCM 10/3, MKV ,SCRT ,G51-31, G51-35, KPM, GSM ,KVMK. Filters FGM - 1,2,3,4.
Feeders 2-0500-4 , 2-0500-4K , 2-0500-3 , 2-0500-3K , 2-0500-2, 2-0500-2K.

Pneumatics - distributors У71-22,У71-24,У71-26 ,64-...
Clutches ETM ,pumps latex P25,32,50,100,160,200

Electrical machines – ABB, Legrand ,Schneider Elektric ,Siemens ,frequency inverters , W ,AE ,AP ,AVM , relay VL , EATING , RTT ,RTL ,starters PME ,PMA ,ПМ12 ,PML ,contactors CT ,ktpv ,MK ,controllers –KCP -61,62, posts push-button PKE ,PKU ,limit switches KU ,VPK ,VK ,VP ,hydrotalcite TE -25,30,50,80 ,cable coupler ,rebar CIP .Cable VVG ,PVS ,NYM ,1 PV ,PV3 ,AVVG . Lamp DRL , DNAT , DRT ,(it can be imported), chokes to the lamps. Transformers ОСМ1 .
Gearboxes and geared motors –H ,Ц2У,Ц3У,UWC,KC ,CTMD,MP3, etc...
Lifting delivery (BULGARIA) ,crane.
A discount of discounts are not interested ,just illiquid – purchase price from 10 to 50% from the factory.