Board Of Sadhu. Acupuncture.

Board Of Sadhu. Acupuncture.

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The Board with nails is a unique ancient tool for health of body and soul, providing an extraordinarily powerful therapeutic effect on the entire body. Stop is a highly reflex area connected to all internal organs.
When a person stands on a Board with nails on the primary sensations, the brain receives the signals as if that foot has a gap, and all internal biochemistry and substances designed to fight infections, heal wounds, heading towards the feet. But arriving at the destination and found just little grooves of the nails without any damage to the skin, all of this biochemistry is in the body where there is congestion, chronic diseases. As a result, the internal substance dilute congestion, train the heart muscle, strengthen the nervous system. Increased blood flow, anti-inflammatory function, improved circulation to the internal organs. The added bonus of weight gain, reducing the required time for sleep and recovery, increase efficiency. In addition to that, a positive emotional reboot. Major changes can start on the first attempt and soon you will forget what doctors and pharmacies. To tell and describe the use of these boards is a lot, but it's not going to do that, just read on the Internet about these practices, there is a lot of information. In modern medicine uses a variety of applicators (Kuznetsova, Lyapko, and so forth), which are a shadow of the boards with nails.
First time to Wake up, someone to support hands. You can hold hands for support or to get on the Board in his socks. Start with the real time for you, not berating yourself and not throwing practice, even if you are not able to hold out for long. If you can only sustain for 20-30 seconds — is very good. Gradually, each time, increase the standing time for 10-20 seconds. Relax, calm, breathe deeply, try not to think. Of course, for greater effect use will affect the daily standing at least 1-2 minutes (world record 12 hour). One minute of standing on nails is equated to barefoot 15 km and After the session carefully get off the Board and sit on a prepared pad or chair, let the feet recover.
P. S. Also when using the boards you can activate the palm and the back.
The working surface of a Board S is 25.5 X12 cm (size 40), M - 29,5x15 cm (size 46) included two boards.
Pitch of nails:
0.75 cm - reduced-by-step nail people with sensitive S – 1140 lei (1268 nails) M – 1640 lei (1822 nails)
1 –cm standard for beginner's – 970 lei (644 g) M – 1380 LEU (920g)
1.5 cm-for experienced practitioners, the S – 700 lei (334г) M – 950 lei (476г)
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Help your body and it will serve you for life.
All hand made, high quality, reliable and beautiful. You can in the present.
Are charged with positive energy.
Delivery in Moldova and Ukraine