The July wedding party in Tomsk, the Parade Park Hotel

The July wedding party in Tomsk, the Parade Park Hotel

2000 руб.

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The place of provision of services

Россия, Томск


Stationary white tent in the picturesque area of Tomsk - the Parade Park Hotel, opposite the Camp Garden, just 7 minutes from the square of Novo-Sobornaya.
Our big white tent is fundamentally different from the "modular" designs (where the price is formed for each element – from floor to ceiling), there are no struts and extensions are one - piece solid structure, established once and for all, with smooth floors and high ceilings. Large elegant chandeliers, draping arches, cell wall-blinds, which can be nice to tie up, and if necessary to disclose. Moreover, the blinds have large panoramic Windows – through them a good view of the Park and the guests always have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscape. In the tent there is power, power which can withstand any sound or other equipment.

The tent is located in a cozy Park with its own infrastructure: the hotel building, lake, lawns, paths and flowerbeds.