Helium balloons

Helium balloons

50 руб.

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The place of provision of services

Россия, Свердловская область, Екатеринбург


Make your holiday brighter and lighter!
Indulge all your desires in life, whether it is a bouquet of colorful balloons or a lovely arrangement of hearts, stars and large numbers!
Balloons with helium will decorate any occasion, from birthday until the big wedding!
For Your convenience we have a DELIVERY service:
- Uralmash - 40 RUB.,
- other regions - 150 - 300 rubles., depending on distance.
Please place orders 2-3 days before the event, so all you need was available.
Latex balloon with treatment hi-float is 50 RUB
ACTION - 15 balls - 40 RUB.
Latex balloon with the inscription - 60 RUB.
Foil-metre figure - 480 RUB.
Foil star/heart - 150 RUB.
Transparent balloons with confetti - 80 RUB.
Latex balloon with led lights - 100 RUB.