Sports Mat for martial arts

Sports Mat for martial arts

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Казахстан, Шымкент


We produce sports rugs of any size and configuration according to customer requirements, as well as mats for wrestling freestyle, classic, combat Sambo, hand to hand combat (cover)

Size: 12x12 m

The perimeter of the ring дм12 step 1m

The density of PVC: 650 gr/sqm
Circle : Red, Yellow Red on the perimeter of the Blue

Consists of Coverage on wrestling mats (Boxing cover) from material based on PVC fabric.

"Area of competition" is a yellow circle with a diameter of 7m, the centre of which is marked with red small interior, or a Central circle with a diameter of 1m.

On the edge of yellow red color with a diameter of 9M.

The main action takes place in the 8-meter zone of combat. Inside the perimeter of a 9-meter circle, which is the red bar with a width of 1m, the so - called "zone of passivity".

The welded seams of the temperature component method and provides a special strength of the weld. Here is the place not only sizing, but also heat treatment with special equipment. Used PVC fabric is a three layer material: top and bottom directly polyvinylchloride film,in the mid - reinforced polyester yarns, which in the case of the strain of the material does not allow it to tear further.

Coatings on food products are made one-color, two - and three-color with circles or squares. Eyelets located along the perimeter allow tightly seal it with covering.

The price listed on the cover with circles size 12 x 12 without a Mat.

Also the size changes by customer's order.

Payment method:
Bank transfer or cash.