Energy saving heating

Energy saving heating

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Energy saving heating system
The heating system consists of a set of heaters connected to thermostats which control the temperature in individual rooms. The system is "energy saving", it proves its low power consumption. The system can be used in buildings with a small dedicated power capacity. For example, the heated house 100 m2, comfortable heating systems is only 5.5 KWh. When heating the room to the desired temperature, power consumption drops to 1.8 KWh since the system goes to "sleep" mode to maintain the temperature of periodic inclusions with the help of the thermostat. Plus, the mounting system does not require any additional communication and expensive materials needed for switching water heating, or other hard-mounted heating and in the further operation does not require additional maintenance costs, allowing users of the heating system to save significant money.The service life of the heater subject to all rules manual is more than 20 years.Installation.WARRANTY 4 years, DELIVERY, ANY FORM of PAYMENT, PAYBACK IN 2-3 YEARS. WORK ON WEEKENDS.