Solid Foundation blocks FBS

Solid Foundation blocks FBS

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Russia, Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa, street Central, 59/3


Foundation blocks FBS of heavy concrete of high quality. All units equipped with a metal conveyor loops. Manufacturer of Foundation blocks (FBS) carried out according to GOST 13579-78. The technology of vibrocompaction, so that the concrete is evenly distributed, which protects against cavities within the block. High strength, resistance to compression, excellent insulation, moisture - and frost resistance of FBS may be used in the construction of walls of cellars, technical subfield of buildings, walls, basements, repair bridges, for the construction of garages, including high strength, at the laying of the prefabricated strip foundations in the construction of residential, administrative and industrial use. The benefits of choosing FBS: lower price on the blocks and significant time savings due to fast installation compared to concrete mixes for filling the Foundation. Depending on the specific conditions, which are under construction – the nature of soil, climate, the load on the blocks and the number of floors in the building, selected the necessary type of Foundation blocks.
Dimensions (length*width*height): 880-2400*300-600*280-580 mm
Weight: 0,310-1,960 tons.