High-strength bolts GOST 52644-2006, bolt high strength

High-strength bolts GOST 52644-2006, bolt high strength

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The high strength bolt is one of the varieties of threaded fasteners, the distinguishing feature of which is increased strength. Can be used complete with washer and nut, one, or more. When using high strength bolts, the holes with which they are made, must be in diameter larger than the fastener. The design of this kind of fasteners is a set of a cylindrical rod, one end of which a sliced metric thread and hexagonal head. Its size may be increased under the wrench. Height varies GOST.
For the production of high-strength bolts are used the following brands of alloy steel: 30Х2НМФА, 20Х2НМТРБ, 30KH3MF, 40H select. The level of strength of the product depends primarily on the composition and quality of raw materials, and therefore this indicator is important. According to regulations, the high-strength bolt shall withstand a force of up to 1100 PA.

To improve corrosion resistance bolt handle cadmium or zinc electrolytic or hot-dip coating, whose composition is determined by GOST.

The use of bolts depends on their performance, they are used in high-load structures, in climatic zones characterized by significant temperature changes, chemical industries. Connection that use this type of fastener has a high tear resistance and permanent dynamic or static loads. They are ordered to complete following mechanisms: some types of agricultural machinery, building and bridge structures and fencing, cranes, trains and others.

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