Pillow-cushion system health Katsudzo Niche

Pillow-cushion system health Katsudzo Niche

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Katsudzo Niche - a prominent Japanese scientist and healer. Its health system is known worldwide. He believed that to cure a person can only be himself, if you want to.
In today's world where people are becoming more and more restrict the natural movement of the healthy spine remains particularly relevant. One of the important causes of such disorders is not proper sleep.
1 Golden rule - solid bed
No wonder they say: if you have a lot of disease, treat the spine. To tidy up the spine, the necessary first solid bed.
2 the Golden rule - a wooden pillow for Shay.
In Japan there is even a saying: "a Crooked neck - a sign of a short life"

Cushion is used for the prevention of osteochondrosis, pain in the cervical spine, headaches, improve blood circulation brain resolves the problems with the septum, eliminating the snoring cure of scoliosis, improve the work of cardiovascular system, chronic fatigue, lordosis, vertebral subluxations are removed.
During habituation put on the roller towel to make it softer. Start with 10-20 minutes, gradually increasing the time. Perhaps in the beginning, it would be unusual and inconvenient. The more discomfort - the worse the condition of the neck. It will take time, the discomfort will pass and you can lie all night will be enough for 5-6 hours to a full night's sleep.
The dimensions are selected individually, it should be such that could fill the cavity between the neck and the shoulder blades, so that 3 or 4 cervical vertebrae exactly lying on a hard surface.
Size - the length of the ring finger, recommended height. In doubt, choose a size below.
The cushion is versatile for sleeping without stand for stretching (as well as when sleeping on a soft mattress) with stand + 2 cm
Adults are 5.5 - 9 cm every 0.5 cm
Kids and Teens 3-5 cm (30$)
100% eco pine is covered with natural beeswax.
Are charged with positive energy.
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Dispatch. Delivery in Moldova and Ukraine.

PS when Lying on the cushion ( under the lower back, below the belly button) 5 min. a day, the Japanese remove hanging belly and flanks, and correct posture, can realize on myself after only a week.
Time exercise and rapid diets do not have such popularity as the method of Japanese gymnastics with a roller