The bridge for the back. Sport. Fitness. Yoga. Gymnastics.

The bridge for the back. Sport. Fitness. Yoga. Gymnastics.

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Traction of the spine, otherwise known as traction, a method invented in ancient times. This is one of the oldest ways of dealing with various pathologies of the spine.
The positive effect of the trainer :
unloading and stretching of the thoracic and lumbar spine
high-quality self-recovery after strenuous exercise
elimination of spinal curvature and the acquisition of beautiful posture
weight loss
increased potency
strengthening the gluteal muscles, the abdominal muscles, hips and shoulder girdle

The simulator is widely applicable in sport, fitness, yoga, qi-mode, etc. directly after a workout or physical activity, work.
Any exercise of the back muscles and the exercises for the back should have a compulsory element, increasing the flexibility of the body and spine traction. Where there is stretching of the spine after exercise, there is muscle growth and increase in volume.
After loads of back muscles and body is "clogged" - they need to stretch and release from the actin-myosin units.
2-5 minutes is sufficient to obtain the effect.
Before bed 2-5 minutes to prepare the muscles and spine to qualitative recovery.

Suitable for adults and children with a good level of training. A larger angle will allow more efficient to pull the spine and stretch muscles.
Adhered to the Golden proportions of the Golden section, and the dimensions of Feng Shui
The length of one "quantum" 43.2 cm
Width 13 cm notch for the spine 3 cm
Height 14 cm
A second simulator designed for different level of training due to the regulation in its upper part in two positions, allowing it to be used only for the benefit of health, without admitting excessive stress.
L 27 cm
B 13 cm notch 3 cm
H 8 cm , with stand + 2 cm (45$)
Pine covered with yacht varnish-practicality or natural beeswax-eco.
Charged with positive energy
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