Orthopedic corrector spine

Orthopedic corrector spine

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Spine, despite the fact that is sturdy enough part of the musculoskeletal system, at the same time, and somewhat fragile. Every day he is experiencing very heavy load. And if you don't have to worry about his condition, you can easily get to the "reward" for a carefree attitude a lot of diseases, including to deal with such disorders as disc herniation. During the treatment of this disease various methods are used, one of which – the so-called traction of the spine.
Traction of the spine, otherwise known as traction, a method invented in ancient times. A simple and effective way of dealing with various pathologies of the spine.
Recommended for
intervertebral hernia
scoliosis or kyphosis
acute sciatica
the pathology of the ODE.
The extrusion takes place under mild conditions, due to the traction of the vertebrae along the radius of the simulator under its own weight. Must addictive may experience pain and discomfort. If enhanced sensation of pain at the spinous processes, it is necessary to take a break. After the addiction symptoms disappear. To start with a small amount of time 15-20 min.
Suitable for adults and children regardless of level of training, due to the regulation in its upper part in 2 positions, allowing you to use only health benefits, without admitting excessive stress. Adhered to the Golden proportions of the Golden section, and the dimensions of Feng Shui
Length 27 cm
Width 10 cm
The rectifier with a notch for the spine of my ads
Height 8 cm with stand +2 see
Pine covered with yacht varnish-practicality or natural beeswax-eco.
Charged with positive energy
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