House, 75 м², 15 сот

House, 75 м², 15 сот

   35 000 USD

№ 1606821, posted 3 year ago


The object: House
The floors in the building: 1
Wall material: Brick
Distance to town: 20 km
The area of the house: 75 м²
Square footage: 15 сот


Беларусь, Витебская область, Толочинский район, Кохановский сельсовет, деревня Богдановка


Sell or exchange for an apartment in Vitebsk house is situated on the shore of the lake, Vitebsk region, Tolochin region, GP Kokhanovo, the village of bohdanivka, ulitsa Ozernaya, house 25, lake forest and 150 metres from the well is 820 metres. Location between Minsk and Vitebsk. A quiet, tranquil town, away from the hustle and bustle, very comfortable place for permanent living and recreation, clean air, friendly people, Foundation date G. p. Kokhanovo in 1511 Population - 4 231 in 2016, the coordinates at www. - 54°26'51. 2"N 30°00'43. 6"E, house is privatized, the land in lifetime inheritable possession, the house 74/67 m2, kitchen 10, 37 m2, 3 rooms 35/68 m2, heating steam (boiler on solid fuel), oven, gas balloon, garage 6. 60m. /5. 10m., shed 7. 33m. /5. 30m. brick, level plot of 15 acres with the possibility of increasing to 30 acres or more in rent, cadastral parcel number 224675601601000155, purpose – for construction and maintenance of residential homes, land category - lands of inhabited localities, horticultural partnerships and dacha construction. All the conditions for private farming (chickens, pigs, cows, etc.) overall a decent option for life and for agribusiness, rural tourism and ecotourism. Has Central Sewerage, possible to bring gas and Central water, all utilities are on the property border, city phone, home Internet. In the administration of the minimum of bureaucracy and red tape in the decision of economic questions. A 15-minute walk along the lake from the house to the centre p. G. Kokhanova, 890 metres, where the entire infrastructure, bus stop in Kokhanovo - Orsha, Kokhanovo-Tolochin, Kokhanova-Orsha-Vitebsk and other local areas with regular transport links, shops, food stalls, cooking, cafe, bar, Newspapers and magazines (copies of the Newspapers), Discounter "Island of purity" store household chemicals and perfumes, a mini-market where you can buy eggs, milk and etc. production home, 2 - storey mini shopping center, banks, post office, pharmacy, hairdresser, tailor, House of culture (DK), a large movie theater, library, Museum, courthouse, housing, school, schools: music and sports, stadium, kindergartens, hospital, clinics, a new bathhouse with a café and a hotel. From motorway M1 Brest-Moscow 5 km to the Mountains. Tolochin 27 km, to the Mountains. Minsk 190 km, to the Mountains. Orsha 37 km, to the Mountains. Vitebsk 112 km, to the Mountains. Mogilev 79 km, to the border of the Russian Federation. 76 km to the Mountains. Smolensk 149 km, 3 km, railway station stop trains Minsk – Orsha, Orsha-Minsk. Calm and picturesque place, good fishing, mushrooms, berries. Wonderful, good-natured neighbors, I can look up during a long absence, near and far abroad, write on e-mail, contact details will call you later, will tell more information for WhatsApp, Viber connected. The owner, not the Agency. To view the house and everything else, pre-call, I are not always in place. REAL BUYERS A GOOD BARGAIN !!!