sell device Isleton. treatment. diagnosis and rejuvenation of the body

sell device Isleton. treatment. diagnosis and rejuvenation of the body

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Isleton. Electro nozzle
Acupuncture can clear the channels "of czina" to bring into balance the energy of Yin and Yang in the body, i.e. to achieve the health effect. The effect of using the electric pulse of the nozzle is identical to the effect of the use of needles in traditional acupuncture. With this nozzle is electro stimulation of acupuncture points and acupressure.
• Impact on point. Just attach the nozzle to the point or area and press down. The degree of impact is determined individually. The press should be substantial, but without puncture of the skin. Possible sensations: goosebumps, heaviness, feeling cold or heat, feeling pain is a valid sensation during the procedure that caused by the saturation energy of the energy channels of the body. The duration of depression of 3 to 5 seconds.
• A circular motion. Do the massage in circular motions for 5-10 seconds.
• Tapping. Do the move device up and down, i.e. postukivanie on the desired area or point.
• Massage of the energy channels. Simply glide the device along the energy channels.
The use of electric pulse. On the device there is a button on the pulse. After turning on the digital display illuminates the figure of 1 to 9 corresponding to the pulse power.Choose a suitable mode according to individual sensitivity. Press each acupuncture point 2-4 times. Tingling sensation or easy injection of electric current during the procedure is normal.
The complexity of its use that you need to know the location of acupuncture points.
Impact methods here are slightly different from the first two nozzles. But they are described in detail in the article above.
Keep the nozzle at an angle of 45 degrees. Where redness and seals that You can feel the bumps on the skin - and there the problem areas. They need to focus on.
• Completely clean the face with cleanser. You can apply oil if skin is too dry.
• Move nozzle along the massage lines of the face: from the middle out, bottom up and across the wrinkles.
Remove the excess oil. Turn on the electric pulse and repeat the massage. Do not get carried away by a pulsed nozzle!
This massage is especially indicated for sagging muscles of the face and the presence of wrinkles. Low-frequency electric pulse promotes the production of collagen and elastin, so the skin becomes elastic and elastic, and wrinkles are visibly reduced! Diagnosis and treatment at the contact points in the home