Sell device Isocan - anti-thrombosis and hypertension

Sell device Isocan - anti-thrombosis and hypertension

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ISOKAN DESCRIPTION: health care, consisting of five groups of therapeutic metal teeth, MSI-circuits, a metal ring-holder, a protective plastic housing. Does not require external power sources.
ACTION: upon contact with the body stimulates Bisacodyl electrical circuit of the body. The unit works to promote passage of the currents through the meridians and collaterals, having low electrical and thermal resistance. Clears-Ching of atractor or paths of energy and nutrients in the body. Normalization of pressure occurs after 3-5 minutes of using the device for two to three weeks achieved a positive effect.
INDICATIONS: disorders of the blood pressure, headache and other bole-' tions syndromes, migraine, seborrhea, hair loss and alopecia baldness, dizziness, disease of the heart and coronary arteries. Stimulation of the brain, improving memory.
METHOD of APPLICATION: clean, dry fingers to take the device for the ring and perform a motion similar to combing up and down in the head. Also pressing the device to the back side of the fingers of the other hand, pressed to the body, clutching tightly to the body directly to the heart, and wrists. Each pack injury contains detailed instructions for use.