Design, development, calculation, delivery, installation of refrigerating equipment.

Design, development, calculation, delivery, installation of refrigerating equipment.

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Россия, Ростов-на-Дону


Purchased equipment needs its owner to make a PROFIT !!!, not problems with the operation! Maintenance and repairs must be campaign !!!, not RAZOREYE – ANNOYING !!!!
Engineer of our company, as well, solve the problems caused by "gray dealers". It is a firm selling, installing expensive cooling equipment, but did not "noticing" of warranty issues. We offer services for emergency ("burning") the supply and replacement of necessary refrigeration equipment, provide Troubleshooting malfunctions in any of the refrigeration systems in the shortest possible time.
Basic services - installation of refrigeration chambers from sandwich panels, supply, installation and repair of refrigeration equipment. Installation of refrigeration and freezer with sliding and swing doors, strip curtains. Warranty and post-warranty service of installed equipment. Supply and commissioning of ice makers, water coolers and milk coolers. Original solutions for cooling and heat recovery chillers (space heating, hot water).
OOO "Vostok-Cold.RU" involved in the development of projects that deliver and install refrigeration equipment according to individual order, and further provides a high-quality and timely maintenance of the facility as a whole. Specialists of the company "Vostok-Cold" conduct a short course on maintenance of refrigeration equipment installed at Your facility and oversee its daily maintenance.