Финансовые инструменты. Финансирование. SWIFT.

Аккредитивы. Банковские гарантии. Подтверждение. Торговое и Инвестиционное финансирование. Посодействуем в получении кредита. Выставления СВИФТ (SWIFT) сообщений. Из ряда иностранных ТОП банков и небанковских финансовых организаций. Подробнее Вы можете узнать на нашем сайте - www.dorax-investment.ru * Компания одна из ведущих бизнес-групп в области торгового финансирования импортёров/экспортёров и других заёмщиков. Мы специализируемся на краткосрочном финансировании сделок импортёров/экспортёров и других краткосрочных заёмщиков, а также среднесрочном инвестиционном финансировании. Для реализации данных задач активно используются финансовые инструменты. Такие инструменты, как документарные аккредитивы, резервные аккредитивы, банковские гарантии и др. стали неотъемлемой частью спектра предлагаемых нашей группой услуг. Компания предоставляет услуги торгового инвестиционного финансирования путём выставления для клиентов финансовые инструменты (LC, DLC, SBLC, LG, BG, APG, POF, POA, POP, PB, BCL, CD, SKR) для обеспечения контрактов из ряда иностранных ТОП банков и небанковских финансовых организаций, широко применяемых в международной практике. Мы не выдаём кредиты, можем только посодействовать в получении кредита. Мы оказываем услугу в содействии клиенту в получения кредита под обеспечения финансового инструмента в том случи, если финансовый инструмент клиент заказывал у нас. Посодействуем в выставлении различных типов СВИФТ (SWIFT) сообщений из ряда иностранных банков и небанковских финансовых организаций. Компания предлагает весь комплекс услуг в области международной торговли и внешнеэкономической деятельности для проведения операций на территории СНГ, Восточной Европы, Ближнего Востока, Юго-Восточной Азии, Китая, Тайваня, Сингапура, Малайзии, Индии, Кореи, Японии, Вьетнама, Таиланда, а также других стран мира. Подробнее Вы можете узнать на нашем сайте - www.dorax-investment.ru


~~Classical Ayurvedic texts have several references to cancer. Some terms used to describe the condition are general while others are much more specific. Charaka and Sushruta Samhita (700 BC) both described the equivalent of cancer as granthi (benign or minor neoplasm) and arbuda (malignant or major neoplasm). Both can be inflammatory or non-inflammatory, based on the doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) involved. The term dosha describes the three principles that govern the psychophysiological response and pathological changes in the body. Ayurveda described health as the balanced coordination of these three systems in body, mind and consciousness. The fundamental theory of Ayurvedic treatment is based on restoration of the balance between these three major bodily systems. Scientifically proved natural sources of anticancer principles are selected, processed without any degradation and used for the cancer treatment. Treatment at Arogyam : Initially, a thorough examination of the patient is done to determine the disease status. The medical history, type of the treatment availed of and the medicines administered are also considered in determining the protocol for treatment. The duration of the treatment depends on the disease status and response to the medication. Depending on the response the patient is advised to take specific supportive therapy also. Natural herbal supplements destroys the Cancer cells and prevents their growth. It selectively kills the diseased cells. Besides, it is very safe and has got no side effects and no toxicity. But since it is a very complex disease a single medicine alone cannot do the job. We are using many other Ayurvedic decoctions along with herbal supplements for curative purposes.

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, also known as PCOS or PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease), is a very common hormonal disorder in women. The news of conception and feeling of becoming a mother gives an unexplained contentment to every woman’s heart. It is an innate desire of every woman to hold her baby in arms and bestow upon it, her affectionate love, generously. Conception is a natural course in an individual, whereas in some cases the female may have to confront some hinderances. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a common disorder affecting approximately 8 % of adult women. It is a metabolic disorder and a leading cause of infertility. According to Ayurveda, PCOS can be caused due to an imbalance of any of the three doshas (Ayurvedic humors), the prime ones being Pitta (Fire) and Kapha (Water). Aggravated Pitta causes contamination of the dhatus (tissues) like rasa (nutrient plasma) and rakta (blood). This further causes accumulation of ama (toxins) in the weaker channels of the body. In the case of PCOS patients, these toxins get accumulated in the manovahi strotas (channels of the mind), leading to an imbalance of hormones secreted by the pituitary gland. This condition results in imbalance of female hormones and increase in Kapha, which causes formation of ovarian cysts (collection of fluids within an ovary), anovulatory periods (no ovulation) and other symptoms. Increased Stress => Increased Pregnenolone Output => Hormone Fluctuations => Increased Display of PCOS Symptoms

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As people grow older, a major problem that they face is that of large open pores on the skin. Besides this being harmful to your body, the condition also makes you appear older than you actually are. Large pores can also make your skin look and feel rough & leads to acne. Poor habits of facial care can cause large open pores which lead to acne. If you are able to treat your open and large pores, you will also be able to deal with your acne problem. If you want to have clear and smooth skin, it is important to maintain a regular skin care regimen. AROGYAM PURE HERBS FACE CARE KIT a complete ayurvedic approach to treat your facial skin at home. Treat pimple, acne, wrinkles, black circles black patches at home. Now a naturally smooth, fair and glowing skin is yours. Balance your doshas by adopting the modified diet and life styles.Cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing is the right kind of skin care routine for clear smooth skin. There are some toners which can be used regularly to reduce the pore size. These toners, besides cleaning and clearing your skin also help in reducing the pore size and make them look smaller. Specially formulated 100% effective & safe AROGYAM PURE HERBS FACE CARE KIT efficiently fulfills all the needs of skin. Its oxynutrients & collagen restorative properties make the skin look fresh and rejuvenated. It helps in removal of pimples, scars, blemishes, patches, black & white heads,pores and keeps the face glowing.

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